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Iliac vein stenting is a treatment for iliac vein compression syndrome (ICVS). Also known as May-Thurner syndrome, ICVS affects between 18-49% of people with a deep vein thrombosis. If untreated it can increase a patient’s risk of a blood clot or more serious health issues such as a life-threatening pulmonary embolism.

Do Patients Need ICVS Treatment?

Yes. If IVCS has caused a DVT in the left leg, there can be serious consequences without treatment. Firstly, a DVT can be very painful and lead to mobility issues. Secondly, damage to the veins and valves in the leg from a DVT can cause blood clots. Lastly, a blood clot can be life threatening if it breaks off and travels to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.


What Is Iliac Vein Stenting?

With iliac vein stenting, a tiny mesh cylinder, or venous stent, is placed in the vein to give it support and keep it open. To place the stent properly, physicians usually use either guided intravascular ultrasound or x-ray. This allows for improved blood flow in the left leg. It is a minimally invasive procedure typically performed outpatient with a mild sedative or local anesthesia.

How Is Iliac Vein Stenting Performed?

Physicians insert a catheter, which is a tiny flexible tube, through a small incision in the patient’s skin. They pass the catheter along the vein and inject a dye that displays on ultrasound.

Using the ultrasound or x-ray images as a guide, doctors assess the vein for blockages or narrowing. They then insert a special balloon, inflating it to help widen the passage through the vein. A small, expandable mesh tube called a stent is inserted to help to support the vein’s inner wall and keep it open.


What to Expect from IVCS Treatments?

Angioplasty with a venous stent significantly improves blood flow. As a minimally invasive procedure, there is little downtime afterward.

If you have circulation problems affecting your left leg more than your right leg or are concerned about symptoms of a DVT, Dr. Jilbert Eradat can help. With expertise in iliac vein stenting, Dr. Eradat gives each patient individualized attention. Major insurance plans and Medicare accepted.


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